FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rockitfund?

A community of poeple boosting opportunity for dreams and goals to be launched.

What type of campaigns can I create?

Choose between an Individual or Organization account.

Orgainzation : These accounts  have the opportunity to launch multiple campaigns at once.  Your group will be asked to provide a valid EIN number so your account can be verified.  This allows donors to know they are donating to a valid company, school or nonprofit.  Your organizatoin can setup a photo gallery, upload video, and share your campaign via social media.  You also have acces to our team at Rockitfund to help with email blasts, launch schedules and other marketing options and ideas.  Cash out your campaign at anytime without fear of penalties.  This will not affect your progres meter in any way.  

Individual : These accounts have the ability to set up one live campaign at a time.  You can create a photo gallery and share your campaign on social media.  There is no minimum withdrawl amount on the Rockitfund platform.  Withdrawl at anytime!  

What is the cost?

Individual campaigns are a flat 7% platform fee and $.27 a transaction

Organizations must be verified to receive 4.75% platform fee and $.27 a transaction


How do I collect funds?

When you open an account you will place an email linked to a paypal account.  After our team receives a payout request we will submit a transfer of funds via paypal excluding fees from Rockitfund.  If you would like to receive a check please contact us at contact@rockitfund.com

Can I start a campaign for a friend?

Yes!  You can raise the funds and contact us for transfer of funds.  

Can I setup a campaign outside of the US?

Not yet!  We are working on it. 

How long will it take to receive funds after my campaign?

Withdrawls for a bank transfer will take 5-7 business days. 


Rockitfund takes personal and financial security information seriously.  Payment processing meets the Payment Card Identity Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) with SSL Certification.